Emulsifiers, Surfactants
A special emulsifier that forms cold process emulsions, particularly useful when working with heat-sensitive ingredients. In addition to emulsions, oily gels can also be obtained which instantly turn into lotions on...
Emulsifiers, Surfactants
Emulsifier based on natural renewable raw materials, suitable for the formulation of O/W creams and lotions, forms elegant emulsions with bright white appearance and distinct sensorial benefits.
Aqueous based mineral UV filter designed for beach sun care formulations, in particular products for sensitive skin. Combines an exceptional level of UVA protection with high UVB efficacy. Easy to work with, gives...
Vegetable oils
An excellent skin moisturizer with regenerative and restorative properties, helps improve suppleness and elasticity, fights against the signs of skin aging, is effective in nourishing, protecting and soothing the skin.
Preservatives, antioxidants
Plant derived microbial inhibitor with a wide spectrum of activity, suited to the most innovative market trends with preservative-free claims. Has a pleasant vanilla-like scent and provides great skin tolerability.
Clays, Minerals
A natural volcanic clay used as a skin and hair treatment for cleansing, exfoliating, and rejuvenating properties, very gentle and soothing. It is used mainly to prepare mild paste shampoos due to its exceptional...
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Vegetable oils
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A light oil, highly penetrating without leaving a greasy residue, prized for its beneficial properties in skin care and hair care, helps to support skin healthy appearance, makes the skin soft, supple and moisturized.
With its delicate, powdery, violet-like scent, iris powder is used as a base for dry shampoos, in whitening toothpowders, face masks and gentle skin exfoliating preparations. Also valued in perfumery applications.
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