Emulsifiers, Surfactants

Emulsifiers and surfactants are common ingredients found in many cosmetics and personal care products, playing an integral role in the consistent quality of a product. Surfactants are molecules with two parts: hydrophilic, or “water-loving”, heads and hydrophobic, or “water-fearing” tails. This allows them to reduce surface tension between substances like oil and water that would otherwise not mix. Emulsifiers bind these two incompatible mediums into a stable consistency called an emulsion which is often product characteristics such as a creamy texture. Both emulsifiers and surfactants are important components of any formula to make it look and perform the same each time it is used. Without them, products can become unreliable and unsatisfactory for the consumer; but with their power to combine immiscible ingredients, skin care experts use them to create incredibly luxurious skin care applications.

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Sodium lauryl sulfoacetate Sodium lauryl sulfoacetate Sodium lauryl sulfoacetate
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Emulsifiers, Surfactants
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Naturally derived mild cleansing agent with high foaming capacity, ideal to low irritation product formulations like skin friendly cleansers, shampoos, body washes, hand cleansers and bubble baths. 
A natural solubilizer that shows excellent solubilizing performance, a powerful PEG-free alternative designed to solubilize essential oils, fragrance oils and other lipophilic ingredients in aqueous based preparations.
A fatty acid that occurs naturally in vegetable butters. It is used used to thicken and stabilize formulations in a variety of products like lotion bars, creams, balms, salves, sticks, soaps and candles.
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