Cosmetic Recipes

Argan & Blackcurrant Anti-Aging Cream


A day cream formulated with moisturising, anti-ageing and emollient ingredients that promote skin firmness and elasticity and promote a more even appearance. Suitable for mature, slightly dry skin.

Purifying mask for acneic skin


A mask rich in minerals and purifying ingredients, it benefits oily, acne-prone skin.

Spirulina & Pineapple Detox Mask


A cleansing mask suitable for all skin types, especially combination/oily skin with impurities.

Nourishing night cream, mature skin


A nourishing, emollient, anti-aging cream rich in ingredients that care for the skin and balance the natural barrier to maintain a optimal level of hydration. It is a greasy, water-free cream suitable for dry, mature skin.

Anti-aging night serum, Rodie & Acmella


Formulated with ingredients that work synergistically to combat the signs of skin ageing, with anti-ageing, regenerating, anti-wrinkle, skin elasticity and tone enhancing effects.

Self-tanning cream for skin and body


A fine cream with a simple formula. Provides a temporary tan without sun exposure.

Vitaminising mask A-C-E


A mask rich in vitamins and ingredients that benefit all skin types: vitamin A, C and E, aloe vera gel, pomegranate oil...

Salicylic + Azelaic Cream


Modern formula combining the benefits of salicylic acid, azelaic acid, armouraria oil and chamomile essential oil for a cream that improves visible imperfections, dull and uneven complexion, signs of ageing or post-acne, refines pores, while soothing, nourishing and repairing the skin.

Serum 1% Bakuchiol + Hyaluron


A light-textured serum that absorbs quickly into the skin and leaves it hydrated and velvety. Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and pigmentation spots, balances and brightens skin tone, keeps skin supple and firm. It is suitable for all skin types, especially mature skin with signs of ageing and imperfections.

Skin refining cream


A light-textured moisturising cream suitable for combination or oily skin. Regulates sebum secretion, has moisturising properties and restores the skin's natural barrier. Can be applied in the morning and evening to clean skin.

Fortifying nail and cuticle care oil


A blend containing oils known for their nourishing, emollient and strengthening properties, beneficial for nail and cuticle care.

Active slim-massage cream ivy & caffeine


A cream formulated with active ingredients known for their draining, toning and peripheral circulation stimulating properties.

Aloe & Mint Soothing After Shave/Shave Gel


A gel made from ingredients known for their calming, soothing, moisturising, slightly astringent properties.

Silhouette Emulsion


Formulated for toning, firming, contouring the silhouette and improving the appearance of orange peel.

Almond & Lime Body Milk


A body milk with a fine texture and subtle floral fragrance. It is moisturising, spreads easily over the skin, absorbs quickly and leaves no greasy film.

Arnica & Chili Anti-Rheumatic Balm


A fine balm with a refreshing scent, concentrated in active substances that work to relieve joint, rheumatic and muscle pain.

Sunset Brazil Body Butter


Body butter with ingredients from the Amazon rainforest, it is nourishing, moisturizing and emollient. It provides the skin with vitamins and regenerating substances, settles beautifully and sublimely perfumes the skin.

Green gold global repair oil

A synergy of valuable and particularly beneficial substances for irritated, sensitive or damaged skin, atopic skin, scars, wounds. A concentrated oil that helps skin regeneration, it is emollient, not very greasy.

Deodorizing foot powder

Deodorizing, invigorating powder containing eucalyptus and basil essential oil.

Luxurious anti-stretch mark balm


Nourishing balm with moisturizing, regenerating and skin elasticity maintaining properties, with shea butter, cactus seed, coconut and pracaxi oil.

Anti-stretch marks Cream with Rosa Mosqueta


A cream particularly rich in emollient, moisturising, regenerating ingredients. Improves skin elasticity, promotes skin tone. Leaves the skin satin-smooth, well cared for.

Nourishing, anti-breakage hair conditioner, Monoï & Keratin


A conditioner formulated with castor and monoi oil, vegetable keratin and conditioning agents that work to beautify hair.

Hair detangling, strengthening conditioner


An easy-to-make hair conditioner with conditioning and smoothing action on the hair fibre for shinier, easier to comb and style hair.

Mandelíne shampoo for toddlers


A gentle, delicately scented shampoo, particularly suitable for children. The surfactants used are very well tolerated by the skin and the aloe vera gel together with panthenol gives a number of benefits to the hair and scalp.

Shine & Bond hair serum


An oily serum formulated with ingredients known for their beneficial effect on hair. Works to seal cuticles, repair and prevent hair damage. Smoothes hair strands, gives hair a healthy, shinier look.

Instant bond - hair repair serum


A light-textured serum that includes Hairbond, an active ingredient derived from castor oil that seals cuticles and split ends, smoothes hair and gives hair a healthy look.

Protective hair serum for the beach


A serum based on karanja oil, highly appreciated in sun protection applications, suitable for hair protection at the beach.

Hairbonder leave-in Conditioner


A leave-in hair conditioner with a very light and non-greasy texture, rich in substances that smooth hair, help styling, seal cuticles and split ends, repair and prevent hair damage, give shine and vigor.

Anti hair loss mask treatment


A light-textured emulsion formulated with ingredients suitable for nourishing the scalp, stimulating growth and fighting hair loss.

Intimate Hygiene Solution, Neroli & Lactic Acid


A solution suitable for intimate hygiene containing a gentle surfactant that does not irritate mucous membranes, and beneficial ingredients for such applications

Hand sanitizing gel, no rinse


A gel based on alcohol and essential oils, enriched with glycerine and aloe vera, suitable for disinfecting hands

Gref & Cinnamon Shower Gel


An invigorating shower gel with a fresh and refreshing unisex scent, suitable for daily use.

Greeny Toning Shower Gel


A foaming, invigorating and invigorating shower gel with a unisex fresh scent, suitable for daily use.

Exfoliating soap with urucum and citrus fruits


An exfoliating soap with a fresh orange and grapefruit scent and a translucent, decorative appearance.

M&P Lavender fields soap


A fine, decorative soap with a pleasant scent of lavender and ylang-ylang.

Marigold & Ylang-ylang Soap


A soap with marigold extract and flowers, ylang-ylang essential oil and Scots pine essential oil.

Shea & Yassmine Soap


A delicate soap, enriched with shea butter and scented with notes of jasmine and tuberose.

Bath foam for toddlers


A foaming solution, gentle and well tolerated by the skin of young children and toddlers. It is suitable for washing hair and body.

Massage balm for neck and shoulder area


An aromatherapy balm to relieve pain in the neck and shoulder area. It has a relaxing, analgesic, slightly warming and relaxing effect.

Serum with essential oils for silhouette, anti-cellulite


A serum composed of essential oils known for their beneficial effect in silhouette, body contouring and anti-cellulite applications.

Pain relief massage oil


Massage oil designed to soothe muscle, shoulder or back pain; eases muscle stiffness and restores flexibility.

Detension massage oil


Massage oil useful for reducing inflammation, well-being of the body, improving blood circulation. It has a tonic, refreshing effect, alleviates muscle pain.

Balance massage oil


Massage oil designed for anxiety, back pain, mood swings. Helps invigorate the body.

Energy massage oil


A synergy of oils with a tonic effect on the body, beneficial for physical and mental fatigue; stimulates memory, useful in states of anxiety, alleviates fears and lack of confidence.

Relax massage oil

A blend of oils that promotes relaxation after a stressful and tiring day, calming, soothing effect. Useful in hyperactivity, stress, tension.

Aromatherapy balm for headaches


A balm formulated with essential oils known for their action in relieving pain, discomfort, tension and neurosis.

Natural Tiger Balm for colds and aches and pains


It is specifically designed to relieve pain and painful muscle contractions. It is relaxing, facilitates relaxation and frees the airways. It can also be used for insect bites or for massaging the back, limbs or temple.

Insect repellent oil


A blend formulated with essential oils known for their insect repellent effect.

Soothing oil for insect bites


Formulated with vegetable and essential oils known for their soothing, cooling, anti-inflammatory effect, it helps regenerate and soothe the skin

Oil for varicose veins, Tamanu & Chiparos

It is a complex oil, rich in ingredients known for their anti-inflammatory, peripheral blood circulation improving and toning action

Anti-fungal aromatherapy oil


An aromatherapeutic preparation based on essential and vegetable oils known for their strong antifungal and antimicrobial effect.

Lotion against insects


A pleasant-smelling lotion formulated with essential oils, peppermint water and glycerine for use on areas of skin exposed to attack by insects such as mosquitoes and wasps.

Cream for the care of irritated, atopic skin


A cream formulated with ingredients that work to soothe and regenerate skin affected by various irritations, sunburn, damaged or atopic skin.

Cream for varicose veins, painful legs


A cream with venotonic, anti-inflammatory, blood and lymphatic circulation stimulating action. Aims to relieve symptoms of discomfort, pain and heaviness in the lower limbs.

Chili & Tamanu venotonic balm


A balm rich in active substances with a venotonic, circulatory and thermogenic effect. Contains chili extract, tamanu oil and essential oils.

Anti-mosquito lotion


Lotion formulated with essential oils known to repel mosquitoes. It can be applied to all areas of the body exposed to insect attack and is suitable for adults and children over 3 years of age. Light, non-greasy texture, pleasant odour, rinses easily from the skin.

Repairing balm Tamanu, Bacuri, Tea tree


A balm formulated with repairing, regenerating, purifying ingredients to treat skin problems.



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