Makeup removers, Cleansers

Melting Cleansing Gel

8 1189
This delicate gel melts on the skin and then emulsifies on contact with water to effectively remove impurities and...
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Solid Make-up Remover with Aloe

3 951
Zero waste and suitable for all skin types, this solid bar cleanses and removes make-up easily, while nourishing the...
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Simple Soothing Cleansing Balm

7 860
This delicate balm packed with skin-friendly emollient ingredients easily eliminates make-up from the face and eyes...
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Make-up remover Balm

5 877
This unctuous balm packed with emollient and nourishing ingredients easily eliminates make-up from the face and eyes.
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Glycolic Cleanser

23 924
A good way to introduce AHA acids into your routine, it gently exfoliates, deeply cleanses the skin and helps renew...
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Exfoliate & Peel Gel Cleanser

16 813
A skin cleansing gel formulated with exfoliating ingredients such as Gluconolactone that gently exfoliates dead skin...
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Charbon Cleanser

15 577
A solid cleanser suitable for gentle skin cleansing that removes excess sebum and impurities. It is soap-free and...
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Solid face cleanser

24 631
For gentle skin cleansing, it is soap-free and does not dry out the skin, forms a creamy lather and leaves the skin...
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Cleansing powder for the complexion

20 585
A cleanser that is quick to prepare, requires no experience - and no preservative.
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Gentle Cleansing bar

40 646
A gentle yet effective soap-free hygiene product, it forms a rich, creamy lather that gently cleanses the skin,...
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Purifying Gel Cleanser

43 728
The result is a foaming gel with a purifying and exfoliating action, particularly suitable for combination, oily,...
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All Skin Cleanser

52 754
A cleanser generally suitable for all skin types, in the form of a fine, fruity-smelling foam. Gently cleanses,...
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Purifying, exfoliating cleanser

82 622
A face gel cleanser with mechanical exfoliating particles and chemical exfoliating actives, especially suitable for...
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Cleansing milk, dry skin

37 597
A cleansing milk suitable for dry and normal skin, it gently removes make-up and impurities accumulated on the skin.
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Micellar sensitive cleanser

55 683
A gentle cleanser that gently cleanses and soothes the skin. Especially suitable for sensitive, irritated skin.
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Revitalizing Toner & Cleanser

91 581
A 2-in-1 solution that removes impurities and make-up, tones and gently hydrates the skin. Generally suitable for all...
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Gentle cleanser for dry skin

50 581
A cleanser formulated with gentle tensides that are well tolerated by dry or sensitive skin and enriched with...
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Cleansing milk, combination/oily acneic skin

31 531
A gentle cleansing milk, particularly suitable for combination or oily skin with blemishes and acne-prone skin.
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Cleansing milk for dry skin

85 511
A gentle, emollient cleansing milk suitable for dry and very dry, sensitive skin
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Gentle cleanser for combination/oily skin

96 599
A gentle cleanser with a fresh, invigorating scent that effectively cleanses the skin by removing impurities and sebum.
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