Golden Peach Soap

Formula: CP110 Difficulty level: medium Shelf life: min 12 months Superfat: 6%

For details of the terms used and how to work, and for your safety, please see before COLD SOAP MAKING GUIDE
Ingredients for about 1 kg of soap Quantity
Coconut Oil RBD  140 gr
Palm Oil RSPO Eco  230 gr
Kokum Butter 35 gr
Argan Oil 163 gr
Sweet Almond Oil 118 gr
Ricin Oil 14 gr
Sodium Hydroxide 97 gr
Distilled water 217 gr
Peach Fragrance oil 45 gr
Annatto Powder 18 gr
Cosmetic pigment mica 88 Coral  1 g

1. Preparatory phase the day before preparation:
Weigh the urucum powder, argan and almond oil. Add the urucum powder to the oils and leave to soak for a day, during which time stir occasionally.

Before you start making the soap prepare all utensils and equipment on the workbench to be within reach.

2. Weigh out the amount of fragrance and set aside. Weigh the amount of caustic soda and water separately.

3. Add distilled water to a heat-resistant container, to which, in a well-ventilated room, add the sodium hydroxide a little at a time and stir slowly and carefully until it is completely dissolved and the solution is transparent. Allow the solution to cool to about 40°C.

4. Pass the urucum macerate through a filter, then add the kokum butter, palm, castor and coconut oil and heat on a water bath until the composition becomes fluid.

5. Transfer the oils to a 1.5-2 litre container, or use the pot in which the oils were heated if it is large enough. Slowly pour the sodium hydroxide solution over the oils. Both must be of similar temperature.
Place the blender in the bowl and blend until the mixture becomes the consistency of liquid pudding, at which point add the fragrance. Peach fragrance is resistant to chemical reactions in the soap and retains its scent very well, but accelerates the curing of the soap. For this reason the soap mass should be as fluid as possible and poured into the form immediately after incorporating the fragrance!

6. Shape the surface of the soap, spray the surface with alcohol to prevent the formation of sodium carbonate, cover with foil and place in a pre-heated oven at 45°C for an hour and a half to prevent gelling. Remove the soap from the oven, cover with foil and leave for 1 day in a cool place. Before removing from the mould, decorate the surface with pigment. Once the soap has hardened, it can be removed from the mould and cut to size.

7. The soap is then left to mature in a well-ventilated space, on shelves or in covered boxes (but not closed to allow air circulation). Maturation takes a minimum of 4 weeks from the date of production, during which time the soap is not used as it is still reactive.
The longer the soap matures, in the case of this soap with a lingering fragrance even after 4 months, the firmer it will remain and the slower it will wear off during use.

Required utensils: 2 heat-resistant pots (300 ml and 1.5 l); block soap mould; wooden soap cutter box; straight soap cutter; reusable filter; spatula; kitchen blender

This formula was developed by Elemental's qualified staff. The recipes are intended to exemplify the use of products marketed by Elemental and are believed ... to be accurate, Elemental assumes no liability or risk associated with the use of its products for the preparation and evaluation of the recipe as the conditions of preparation and use are beyond its control. The person who prepares the recipe must refer to the safety data sheets to ensure the safe handling of all raw materials and bears full responsibility for ensuring the safe and correct use and storage of all materials procured and used. Elemental is not liable for any damages resulting from the use of this information, and assumes no responsibility for misuse of selected materials, formula or method, in whole or in part. For commercial use, assessments of the safety, stability, regulatory compliance and suitability of this recipe, methods and the finished product are the sole responsibility of the user and/or the legal entity placing the product on the market.

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9 Opinions
  • Iulia D

    Iulia D 10/18/2021

    Buna ziua! Cu ce alt parfumant se poate prepara aceasta reteta?
    • Elemental

      Elemental 10/19/2021

      Bună ziua! Puteți alege și alte parfumante sau uleiuri esențiale, după preferințe. La parfumante căutați în descrierea produsului dacă este recomandat sau nu pentru săpunuri la rece.
      • Iulia D

        Iulia D 10/19/2021

        Multumesc pentru raspuns :)

        In ceea ce priveste reteta, ne puteti lămuri, vă rog, daca in text va referiti la uleiurile din lista de ingrediente? Uleiul de cocos si cel de ricin nu corespund cu untul de shea mentionat in instructiuni.
        • Elemental

          Elemental 10/20/2021

          Corectăm imediat în descriere, lista de ingrediente este corectă.
  • Mirela R

    Mirela R 09/12/2021

    Buna seara, am o nelamurire va rog daca se poate ...ingrediente nu se gasesc toate in modul de preparare si invers..puteti sa ma ajutati va rog cu reteta mai detaliata ?
  • Mihaela F

    Mihaela F 09/08/2021

    Buna ziua! Vreau sa comand si eu reteta aceasta de sa pun, dar am observat ca sunt produse masurete in grame der ele se livreaza in ml. Mentionez ca sunt pentru prima oaraaici si nicinu am mai preparat sapun niciodata. Va multumesc!
    • Elemental

      Elemental 09/08/2021

      Bună ziua! Într-adevăr, o parte din ingredientele lichide sunt ambalate după volum, dar pentru a prepara o astfel de rețetă este nevoie de dozarea cu precizie a ingredientelor, cu ajutorul cântarului. În general, la uleiuri și parfumante, puteți socoti că 100 ml este 90 gr și astfel puteți estima cât să comandați. Succes!
  • Mihaela I

    Mihaela I 07/28/2021

    Buna ziua, putem inlocui uleiul de Argan, cu un alt ulei? Susan de exemplu.
    • Elemental

      Elemental 07/29/2021

      Bună ziua! La săpunurile preparate prin metoda la rece înlocuirea unui ulei vegetal cu altul poate presupune recalcularea întregii formule, astfel, nu putem recomanda înlocuirea propusă.