Green gold global repair oil

Formula: 36201 Difficulty level: beginner Shelf life: min 6 months pH optimal: -

Phase Ingredients Dosage % Total 30 gr
A Bacuri Butter 10 3 gr
A Pracaxi oil 25 7,5 gr
B Pequi oil 20 6 gr
B Ojon oil 10 3 gr
B Andiroba oil 34 10,2 gr
B Vitamin E 1 0,3 gr

1. In a heat-resistant glass add the ingredients of phase A and heat gently over a water bath until melted.

2. Remove from heat, allow to cool slightly, then add the remaining ingredients given in the recipe.

3. Transfer the resulting mixture to the dedicated bottle. When completely cooled, it appears as a cloudy oil with small solidified particles. Shake the bottle well before application.

A synergy of valuable and particularly beneficial substances for irritated, sensitive or damaged skin, atopic skin, scars, wounds. A concentrated oil that helps skin regeneration, it is emollient, not very greasy, with a specific raw smell that fades after application. Use a small amount and spread it finely on the skin, locally on areas that need soothing, repairing, restoring the natural barrier.

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2 Opinions
  • Cristina M

    Cristina M 01/08/2023

    Buna ziua, ajuta acest ulei in ameliorarea bubitelor de dupa varicela? Copilul s a scarpinat si are ceva bubite cu coaja. Multumesc
  • Apetri A

    Apetri A 12/23/2022

    oare se poate adauga si ulei de turmeric? Multumesc.