Formula: 72429 Difficulty level: beginner Shelf life: min 6 months pH optimal: -

Phase Ingredients Total approx 25 gr
A Rosa Mosqueta Oil 25 ml
A Rosehip CO2 extract  20 drops
A Natural fragrance oil Rosewood  1-5 drops

From one pack of ingredients you can prepare 2 portions of serum, and you got the fragrance oil and rosehip extract remaining for other nice projects.

1. Add half of the Rosa Mosqueta oil into the frosted glass bottle, then add the Rosehip extract and 1-5 drops of Rosewood natural fragrance oil

2. Screw in the pipette and shake well

The serum is ready to use!

ROSES FOR SKIN & SOUL - in this pack from the BETTER SKIN collection we have carefully put together this flower queen themed bouquet for you. You can create an elegant, minimalist face serum without fuss.

The glass bottle is sleek and refillable.

Apply in the evening a few drops of serum to clean skin in circular motions until completely absorbed. You can also use the serum for facial massage with your hands or a jade roller.

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