Creams, Lotions

Strech mark Prevention Roll-on

A blend of valuable oils that maintains the elasticity, suppleness and softness of the skin, helping prevent the...
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Refinement Skin Loving Massage Bar

4 1333
Zero waste solid massage bar that provides a feel of refinement and leisure, melts on the skin like a caress giving...
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Simplissim Shimmering Beach Oil

6 1945
Super feminine beach oil for summer holidays and special events that leaves your skin hydrated, supple and with a...
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Sublime Summer Dry oil for Hair & Body

8 1827
This nourishing and protective oil with a sunny scent is your ally for summer skin and hair care without leaving a...
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St. John's Wort Salve

A lovely warm ointment with a calming scent, anti-inflammatory and soothing due to ingredients having a long history...
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Soothing Body Butter Bar

2 764
Zero waste solid bar that nourishes the skin leaving it soft and soothed.
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Monoi Chocolatey Massage Bar

3 833
Fragrant, creamy and silky smooth zero waste solid massage bar for a delicious treat to your skin and senses. 
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Anti-stretch marks Cream with Rosa Mosqueta

8 899
A cream particularly rich in emollient, moisturising, regenerating ingredients. Improves skin elasticity, promotes...
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Luxurious anti-stretch mark balm

16 767
Nourishing balm with moisturizing, regenerating and skin elasticity maintaining properties, with shea butter, cactus...
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Nilotica Mandarin Chantilly

20 614
A body butter fluff with a warm earthy scent and fine fruity notes, it brings emollient, moisturising, regenerating,...
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Green gold global repair oil

2 695
A synergy of valuable and particularly beneficial substances for irritated, sensitive or damaged skin, atopic skin,...
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Sunset Brazil Body Butter

6 758
Body butter with ingredients from the Amazon rainforest, it is nourishing, moisturizing and emollient. It provides...
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Morning Brazil Body Butter

11 628
A body butter inspired by mornings spent in nature, nourishing but light, emollient but not too greasy, with a fresh...
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Nourishing Rainforest Body Butter

5 620
Dedicated body butter for nourishing and caring for the skin, emollient, regenerating, moisturising. Leaves no...
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Soothing Rainforest Body Butter

2 600
Body butter based on oil and butter from the Amazon rainforest, with emollient, nourishing, skin soothing and natural...
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Berry Body Mousse

4 730
A fluffy body butter that is very pleasant to apply, smells delicious and leaves no unpleasant greasy film on the...
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Amazonas Body Mousse

1 596
Body butter based on ingredients from the Amazonian rainforest, with a fluffy texture, particularly pleasant to the...
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Progressive self-tanning milk

19 919
A very light-textured, non-sticky, non-greasy fluid emulsion that spreads very well over the skin to ensure an even...
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Lush cream for very dry skin

52 1219
Lush in texture and fragrance, it is particularly emollient, velvety and moisturising, ideal for any area of the body...
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Cream Lavian like

24 796
Formulated with a professional cream base, it contributes to skin regeneration, moisturises the skin and gives it...
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Magnesium oil

19 588
Magnesium relaxes muscles, relieves pain and muscle tension in the limbs, back, shoulders and neck. It is suitable...
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Lotion bar

31 617
A massage stick that melts on contact with the skin, long lasting and very practical. It's emollient and leaves skin...
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Body Butter `Bounty`

35 621
A real treat for the skin! Gentle, emollient, with a subtle exotic fragrance, particularly suitable for dry skin.
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Precious hand and body cream

51 654
A fine-textured cream with a soft floral scent, it contains marula oil, cocoa butter and wild rose extract.
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Silhouette & Firming Cream

25 746
A lightweight, non-greasy cream formulated with ingredients to improve body tone and skin firmness. Apply to thighs,...
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Slim-activ gel

16 622
A light-textured gel with an invigorating scent, it contains caffeine, red vine extract and slim-active, ingredients...
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Slim-active body milk

15 601
A quick and easy to prepare recipe, it contains a marine ingredient designed to redefine areas prone to sagging due...
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`Alep` Balm

37 684
The multiple benefits for problem skin of bay and olive oils are combined with the emollient properties of an...
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Sublime Polynesia Body Butter

31 513
A cream with a particularly pleasant texture, it does not leave a greasy feeling on the skin even though it is...
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Gold of Morocco Body Butter

19 529
A rich, nourishing, anti-aging and emollient cream with an oriental-floral fragrance. Contains argan and fig oil,...
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Cooling, soothing, anti-inflammatory oil

25 676
A non-greasy oil with a dry texture and a very pleasant scent that can be used post-epilation or in case of itching,...
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Mango & Babassu Body Butter

36 543
An emollient, nourishing and moisturising body butter, it leaves the skin feeling particularly velvety and fragrant.
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Self Tanning Lotion

Biphasic self-tanning lotion that causes the skin to colour through a harmless process in the upper layers of the skin.
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Calm & Repair Cream

A light cream that absorbs easily into the skin, with active ingredients to soothe, moisturise and repair the skin.
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Indulgence Milk & Honey Body Cream

48 506
A nourishing, emollient and moisturising cream that supports the skin's natural barrier. Absorbs quickly, leaving...
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Babassu & Avocado Body Milk

24 457
The result is a fine emulsion, pleasant to apply, with a fruity-floral fragrance, moisturizing, regenerating, emollient
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Moisturising cream for toddlers

63 596
A light, moisturising and nourishing cream formulated especially for babies and children. It spreads gently over the...
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Almond & Tiaré Body Milk

49 649
A body milk with a fine texture and subtle floral fragrance. It is moisturising, spreads easily over the skin,...
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Enchanting body butter

37 438
A rich, nourishing, particularly emollient body butter, particularly suitable for dry skin.
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Body butter Flower Essences

29 532
A rich, nourishing, particularly emollient body butter, particularly suitable for dry skin, with an elegant,...
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Body butter Lively June

22 511
An antioxidant-rich, nourishing, repairing, particularly emollient body butter, especially suitable for dry skin,...
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Body butter Forest dew & Lotus

24 371
A rich, nourishing, emollient body butter, particularly suitable for dry skin, with an energising fragrance.
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Body butter Milky Cream

53 494
A rich, nourishing and emollient cream that imparts a deliciously long-lasting fragrance with creamy notes that...
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Silhouette Emulsion

41 604
Formulated for toning, firming, contouring the silhouette and improving the appearance of orange peel.
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Anti-cellulite and firming gel

69 645
A gel concentrated in ingredients that work to firm and tone the skin and improve the appearance of cellulite.
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After-sun regenerating emulsion

29 594
A lightweight emulsion formulated with ingredients that work to soothe, moisturise and regenerate skin after sun...
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Cream for irritated, atopic skin

186 879
A cream formulated with ingredients that work to soothe and regenerate skin affected by various irritations, sunburn,...
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Anti-cellulite serum for silhouette

57 803
A serum composed of essential oils known for their beneficial effect in silhouette, body contouring and...
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In-Tense Bust Serum

28 540
An anti-aging and toning serum, formulated with ingredients that work to increase skin firmness and elasticity,...
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Aloe & Mint Soothing After Shave/Shave Gel

44 643
A gel made from ingredients known for their calming, soothing, moisturising, slightly astringent properties.
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Active slim-massage cream Ivy & Caffeine

108 701
A cream formulated with active ingredients known for their draining, toning and peripheral circulation stimulating...
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Panthenol & Cocoa Butter Fine Body Cream

77 552
A light and smooth cream with a delicious coconut, cocoa and almond scent. Leaves skin moisturised, velvety and...
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Mallow & Urea moisturising Body Milk

50 582
A gentle, non-greasy body milk that leaves skin feeling cared for, moisturised, velvety and pleasantly scented.
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Self-tanning cream for skin and body

97 653
A fine cream with a simple formula. Provides a temporary tan without sun exposure.
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Oil for varicose veins, Tamanu & Chiparos

60 804
It is a complex oil, rich in ingredients known for their anti-inflammatory, peripheral blood circulation improving...
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Mango and Collagen Body Cream

51 465
A smooth-textured, non-greasy, nourishing and moisturising body cream with an exotic fragrance. It absorbs easily and...
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