Sun Care recipes

Simplissim Shimmering Beach Oil

6 1946
Super feminine beach oil for summer holidays and special events that leaves your skin hydrated, supple and with a...
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Protective hair serum for the beach

15 677
A serum based on karanja oil, highly appreciated in sun protection applications, suitable for hair protection at the...
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Karanja Beach Cream

72 1134
A formula containing mineral fltre with a sunscreen effect, it is rich in antioxidants and substances that protect...
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After-sun regenerating emulsion

29 595
A lightweight emulsion formulated with ingredients that work to soothe, moisturise and regenerate skin after sun...
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Family time beach cream

114 1114
A pleasantly textured sun cream formulated with cellular protection actives and mineral sunscreen. Contains...
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Sun Cream, Annatto & Cocoa

209 802
A consistent, water-free cream that acts as a physical barrier to protect the skin from the sun's rays. Contains...
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Soothing and repairing after-sun lotion

70 564
An after-sun solution that can be applied to the skin after exposure to the sun, it is refreshing, soothing,...
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Beach oil with 5 protective oils

200 1174
An oily mix with strong antioxidant action, made up of 5 plant oils known to protect the skin from external factors:...
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Tanning activator oil with Annatto

54 675
A coloured oil rich in emollients, antioxidants and vitamins, suitable for use before sunbathing, helps to achieve...
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After-Sun Body Oil

32 581
An oily mix with a pleasant texture and a pleasantly fine fragrance, suitable for applying to the skin after...
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