Eco Garden

PolenPlus Pollinator

2 407
A recipe based on essential oils that helps pollination by attracting pollinating insects, especially bees, at the...
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Garden insect repellent

11 516
A herbal treatment recipe based on a blend of essential oils effective in controlling spiders, ants, fleas, flying...
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Essential oil solution against insects

4 571
A recipe based on a blend of essential oils effective in combating ants, aphids, caterpillars, fleas, cockroaches and...
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Plant fertiliser with magnesium

3 491
Epsom salt (bitter salt, magnesium sulphate) is a general plant fertiliser. It benefits both indoor and garden...
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Anti powdery mildew solution

2 541
A solution based on baking soda and neem oil is an effective treatment for preventing and treating powdery mildew.
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Chili & Pepper Solution

Formulated with sensory unpleasant ingredients, this "spicy" solution is an effective repellent for various unwanted...
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Eco Insecticide with Neem Oil

1 564
Prevents the development of larvae, repels aphids, mites and various cockroaches. It can be used both preventively...
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