Eco Garden

PolenPlus Pollinator

A recipe based on essential oils that helps pollination by attracting pollinating insects, especially bees, at the...

Garden insect repellent

A herbal treatment recipe based on a blend of essential oils effective in controlling spiders, ants, fleas, flying...

Essential oil solution against insects

A recipe based on a blend of essential oils effective in combating ants, aphids, caterpillars, fleas, cockroaches and...

Plant fertiliser with magnesium

Epsom salt (bitter salt, magnesium sulphate) is a general plant fertiliser. It benefits both indoor and garden...

Anti powdery mildew solution

A solution based on baking soda and neem oil is an effective treatment for preventing and treating powdery mildew.

Chili & Pepper Solution

Formulated with sensory unpleasant ingredients, this "spicy" solution is an effective repellent for various unwanted...

Eco Insecticide with Neem Oil

Prevents the development of larvae, repels aphids, mites and various cockroaches. It can be used both preventively...



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