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Henna Neutru, 100 gr Henna Neutru, 100 gr Henna Neutru, 100 gr
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Henna, Ayurvedics
€2.38 €2.94
A great hair conditioner that helps brittle and damaged hair, attenuates various scalp issues, strengthens the hair roots and follicles, makes the hair more healthy looking and vibrant. Is an all natural plant powder.
Honeyquat, 25 gr Honeyquat, 25 gr Honeyquat, 25 gr
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Cosmetic actives
€2.54 €3.10
A naturally derived conditioning agent from honey, a beauty ingredient that brings to hair and skin moisturizing, softening and smoothing benefits, leaves the hair with enhanced luminosity and a healthier appearance.
Horse Chestnut extract Horse Chestnut extract
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€2.84 €3.34
Rich in escin, flavonoids, tannins and amino acids, traditionally used in the treatment of venous insufficiency. Exibits anti-inflammatory, venotonic and astringent activity, ideal for body sculpting treatments,...
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